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The Idea for the Book

Alphabet Mystery is the companion book to Alphabet Adventure, my last collaboration with my son, Bruce Wood. I am seldom inspired to write a sequel to one of my stories, but in this case I had no choice.

“Bits and pieces of ideas for new stories kept popping into my mind.”

After Alphabet Adventure was published, I just couldn’t keep the “little letters” quiet. Bits and pieces of ideas for new stories kept popping into my mind. As a writer I knew I had barely scratched the surface with the first book. There was a gold mine of learning avenues I could pursue within the fantastic alphabet world that Bruce Wood had created through his illustrations.

In the first book, Alphabet Adventure, the “little letters” worked together to create their first word. I kept wondering what it would be like if, with the help of a couple of capital letters, they created a sentence. But what would their first sentence be? The first sentence that my son wrote was on a birthday card to me. I recalled the emotional impact of that card when he simply wrote, ” I love you mom,” and then added some circles for hugs, and a few x’s for kisses. That’s where the idea began.

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