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Drawing Tips from the Dragon Master

by Mark Teague

“Hold your pencil very loosely up near the eraser end. When you start, draw lightly on the paper. That way it’s easier to erase! I make lots of mistakes, but they don’t really bother me because I keep a BIG eraser with me at all times. When you are happy with your light drawing, go back and make the lines as dark as you want.”

“I was excited when I got the chance to illustrate The Flying Dragon Room, but I’d never really drawn a dragon before. So I went looking for pictures of dragons to help me get started. I was surprised to find that everyone draws them differently! That’s the great thing about imaginary beasts: you get to use your own imagination when you draw them. Still, almost every dragon I’ve seen has wings like a bat, scales like a lizard and lots of sharp teeth. Oh yeah, and they breathe fire.”

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