Audrey’s Biography!

My first memories are of Sarasota, Florida in the winter quarters of the Ringling Brothers’ Circus. I was one year old and remember it vividly. My father, an art student, was making extra income by repainting circus murals.

The people in the circus were my friends. I was bounced on the knee of the tallest man in the world and rocked in the arms of the fat lady who could not stand up. READ MORE >>

Don’s Biography!

I was born and raised on a farm in the great Central Valley of California. It is one of the most fertile farming areas in the country. We raised peaches, sweet potatoes, almonds, grapes, and oranges. My father ran the farm, and my mother was a very popular elementary teacher at a small rural school nearby. There was always a lot of work to do growing up on a farm. By the time I was in the sixth grade, I had forty acres of potatoes to take care of by myself (that’s a lot of potatoes). My brother, half brother, and I were doing a man’s work by the time we were twelve. During the summer, that often meant twelve to sixteen hour shifts, seven days per week. Once, when I was a teenager, I remember working twenty-six hours straight. We were paid wages for our work and were expected to pay for own clothes and entertainment, and eventually, cars and college educations. READ MORE >>

Bruce’s Biography!

Bruce Robert Wood grew up studying art in the studios of his parents, author and illustrator Audrey and Don Wood, and the studio of his grandfather, Edwin Brewer. He attended California Institute of the Arts in 1991, where he studied drama, but also advanced his lifelong interest in computer art.

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