Teaching Materials

Can I print out the pages on your site and use them in my classroom, library, or home? Can I use some of the material for an author or illustrator study? May I make 30 little books using some of the pages on your site and pass them out to my students? Can I print out pages and add them to a book of yours we have on our shelves?

“Yes!” to all of the above!

As long as you are not using our pages to make a profit you may print out as many pages as you please. We created The Clubhouse because we want to share with our fans as much information about us, and the books we create, as possible. Most of the pages on our web site can be downloaded and printed on a standard printer. Some pages scroll down, so it may take more than one piece of paper to print the entire page.

There are companies that sell teaching materials designed around our books, but all of our information is — Free! Free! Free! Have fun!

Can I use your artwork or text on my web site?

No you may not! That would be a copyright infringement. You would need our consent and the consent of our publishers.

Teachers Tricks and Tips!

The following suggestions are just a few ways you can use our site as a resource for your students. Thank you so much for your continued interest in our books, and for sharing them with your children.

Print out pages from The Clubhouse featuring inside information concerning a favorite title. Slip this information into the back of the book so your students can read it after they’ve read the book.

Print out any page or pages from our web site and create an author/illustrator study unit. Many teachers, librarians, and parents make flannel boards, booklets or displays. Print out activity pages for your students to enjoy.

Join our Smart Piggy’s Newsletter, then print out the back issues. As an extra-curricular activity, have those students who have ambitions to write or illustrate read the back issues and report on what they have learned about these professions.

Have each student pick a favorite title, then ask them to research it in The Clubhouse. After all students have had their turn, discuss the single most interesting, or surprising fact they learned about their chosen book.

Legal Stuff
Audrey Wood and the illustrators represented on her site grant you a non-exclusive license to use, transmit, and display for your personal (non-profit) use the artwork and text on all pages within the Audrey Wood Site, and to download and print materials available through these pages solely for your personal, classroom, or library non-commercial use. You may also create as many copies as you wish, but you may not transfer, assign, sub-license, or resell the rights granted under this license or borrow our art for use on your personal or commercial web site.

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