Do You Visit
Schools and Libraries?

Our policy at the present time is to make school and library appearances when we are on tour. Almost every year our publishers send us to a particular region in the United States, or even to many regions. When we are in the chosen region, or Sketch of Audrey Woodregions, our publishers, working in conjunction with a local bookstore, will schedule visits to schools, and libraries.

What is the best way to get you to come to our area?

Keep in touch with your local bookstore. They have the connections with our publishers to request a visit. Your local bookstore works hard for the community getting authors and classrooms together, usually at no cost to the school! Support your local bookstore through book fairs and teaching materials. We visit schools who have strong relationships with their local bookstores!

It is so frustrating not to be able to visit all the schools who invite us each year! We wanted some way to communicate with the people who read our books, and request our visits. That's why we created our web site, The Clubhouse.

The following suggestions are just a few ways you can use our site as a resource for your students. Thank you so much for your continued interest in our books, and for sharing them with your children:


Straw Print out pages from The Clubhouse featuring inside information concerning a favorite title. Slip this information into the back of the book so your students can read it after they've read the book.

Straw Print out any page or pages from our web site and create an author/illustrator study unit. Many teachers, librarians, and parents make flannel boards, booklets or displays,

Straw Join our Smart Piggy's Newsletter, then print out the back issues. As an extra-curricular activity, have those students who have ambitions to write or illustrate read the back issues and report on what they have learned about these professions.

Straw Have each student pick a favorite title, then ask them to research it in The Clubhouse. After all students have had their turn, discuss the single most interesting, or surprising fact they learned about their chosen book.

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