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Publishers Weekly – July 25, 1986

“A departure in style from King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub and The Napping House, this offering from the talented Wood team is a dreamy fantasy about a girl named Firen. “On a night when the moon was full of itself, full of restless dreams and wide-awake thoughts,”

Firen asks the moon to give her back her sleep, but the moon gives her instead a magic moonflute that allows her to fly high over the green patchwork countryside and to see cats, whales, bats and monkeys. The story seems to serve as a loosly connected pretext for the extraordinary oil paintings, some of which have been displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Fantasy lovers will enjoy Firen, who hovers above the animals in a circle of moonlight white and delicate as a dandelion seed or a dream. (4-8)”

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