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Three vignettes follow the antics of an active and curious piglet. In the first narrative, the lovable character displays some of his special clothes and what he likes to do while wearing them. Piggy Pie Po likes to dance? when he wears his party pants? If he wears his rubber fins. Piggy Pie Po swims and swims. In the next, children hear about all the things the little piggy is good at. For a penny he will spell pistachio and pimpernel. But there’s one thing he can’t do. Piggy Pie can’t tie his shoes “yet! In the last tale, Piggy Pie Po arrives at dinner before the other guests and helps himself to the delicious feast but regrets his final, unfortunate sampling of a red hot pepper.

The jolly, alliterative rhyme dances merrily on the tongue, and the paintings of the endearing pig’s adventures are surrounded by generous white space. Particularly amusing are the illustrations of Piggy Pie’s trip to the tub, where he wears only bubbles, head to toes, and of his attempt to slurp the soup that’s running down his head. Though perfect for story time, the simple language and limited text per page will appeal to beginning readers as well. This sweet tale will have wide appeal.

— Jayne Damron, Farmington Community Library, MI

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