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Tangletalk riddles!

This activity shines new light on the English language. Sometimes breaking the rules of logic is the best way to learn why language has its own set of rules.

Write your own Tangletale using these different forms, or create your own form of Tangletale!

Contradiction: When one statement corresponds yet conflicts with another statement.

Example: I was walking down the street while skipping to my lou.

Opposite: It would not be possible for situation to coexist with situation B

Example: I jumped in the lake and went swimming, so that I could stay dry.

Opposite: It would not be possible for situation to coexist with situation.

Absurdity: This type of Tangletale is not impossible, just farcical.

Example: I ate lots of big meals in order to lose weight.

Physical Impossibility:

Example: I spun my head around three times so I could stretch my neck.

Time Tangle:

Example: When will the train arrive that got here last night?

Singular/plural sabotage:

Example: This group is such a nice person to get a chance to know.

Advanced Tangletale Rhyme:

Example: I rode my bike to the end of the road, because it was broken and had to be towed.

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