See Quick as a Cricket as you have never seen it before!


At last, after 35 years overseas, a quality US edition, personally and painstakingly remastered by the artist, Don Wood.


"I swear, I actually said 'Wow!' when I took them out of the package." - Our new publisher: HMH Co (It's not easy to impress a professional book designer.)

"Every page looks just as good as the original paintings, or better!" - Don Wood

"There are many reasons to love the publishing business, and that first unwrapping of a lovely new book like these is on the list." Publisher's editorial staff

Watch The Authors, Audrey and Don, read
Quick as a Cricket!

Swim with a whale

Would you like to swim with a whale?

Snuggle with a bunny?

Snuggle with a bunny

Cavort with the monkies

Cavort with the monkies?

Have tea with a poodle?

Have tea with a poodle

Quick as a Cricket
The Little Mouse


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