Jubal's Wish


With a smile as bright as sunshine, a bullfrog named Jubal sets out to share the joy of a beautiful day with his friends.

But Gerdy Toad is much too busy and much too grumpy to share Jubal’s picnic lunch.

And Captain Dalbert Lizard is tired and depressed.

How Jubal wishes he could do something to make his friends as happy as he is on this glorious day...and that’s where the wizard comes in.

"Dreams and wishes, wishes and dreams. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t. You never know how they’ll turn out in the end."

Scholastic welcomes the best-selling team of Don and Audrey Wood to its distinguished Blue Sky Press imprint with the publication of Jubal's Wish. (The Blue Sky Press/Scholastic; October, 2000; $15.95; Ages 3 and older).


Jubal's Wish
Jubals Wish

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