It's Duffy Time!

Written by Audrey Wood, Illustrations by Don Wood

If you have ever loved a dog, you will immediately recognize the abundance of affection Don and Audrey Wood feel for their pug, Duffy, their hugely entertaining pug. Infused with humor and warmth, Audrey's story and Don's illustrations follow Duffy through a typical day in which time is not “what the clock says,” but depends entirely upon more important pug matters, such as meals and naps. In this method of time keeping Breakfast is important, but what comes before breakfast? The Before Breakfast Nap. And what comes after breakfast? The After Breakfast Nap. Discover why pugs, typically playful, naturally clownish and known for their love of sleep, are some of the most popular dogs in America. And also discover Duffy's answer to the question, “If you sleep all day, what happens at bedtime?”


It's Duffy Time! It's Duffy Time!

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