Duffy Scrapbook!

My brother Sumo and I are very close. In thirteen-and-a-half years we have only been apart for three days. When we were puppies, we even injured ourselves on the same leg at the same time.

I have a best friend in the book, and one in my real life. Here I am snuggling Manhattan. Don and Audrey call her grand-daughter.

In the book Don painted me and my best friend playing the toy-on-a-rope game. I love that game. We call it Pug Fishing in America.

When we were grown up, we moved to Hawaii. In this photo we are posing on our Banyan tree. Don had to decide which of us to cast as the star of It's Duffy Time! My brother and I are both very good at napping. He chose me because it was my turn. Sumo was the star of Don's Into The Volcano, although he was disguised as a human, which is embarrassing.

Sometimes I can be pretty funny.

I am an amazing digger. Everyone tells me so. No matter how deeply Don and Audrey buried my ball in the beach sand, I would dig it up. They called me “Auger Dogger” which made me very proud.

Audrey read the Dog Encyclopedia to us. It says that pugs like to dress up in costumes. The book is right.

When we were young, Audrey owned a convertible. Here we are on the road posing with Don's gorilla.


It's Duffy Time! It's Duffy Time!

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