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From Kirkus Reviews , August 15, 1996

"The Woods (The Tickleoctopus, 1994, etc.) are at it again with their zany humor that will tickle some and offend others. "Although I'm a liar my story is true--There's an end in every beginning. So if you believe a word that I've said, Begin again, please, at the ending.'' The strong rhyming text tells how the protagonist, an adult woman, wakes up to find herself dead, dresses for her funeral, which turns into a wedding with an Idaho potato, which she eats.

...digitally manipulated illustrations are appropriately surrealistic...

Then things get really bizarre. The digitally manipulated illustrations are appropriately surrealistic, combining photorealism and cartoons in configurations as startling as the dream they present."

(Picture book. 6+) -- Copyright ©1996, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.


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