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“Such superb silliness tucked in a tactile cover and exploding with bodacious illustrations on clever flip pages complete with peek-a-boo cutouts begs to be in every picture-book collection. The Woods are at their unpredictable best in this prehistoric mini-saga of the first smile, laugh, and play “in the history of people.” Don Wood’s “watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, soft pastel, and oil pastel on coquille board” illustrations are warm and wonderful with a Van Goghesque abandon not seen in previous books.

A rambunctious read-aloud with great giggle potential, The Tickleoctopus introduces a new language with such phrases as “Moog wump” and “om na gahs.” Rest assured that few will know if your accent is inaccurate. Life was far from jolly in prehistoric times until Bup discovered the tickleoctopus, and lightheartedness came to be. A somber page toward the end shows a modern family caught in the glow of a TV as the text mourns the passing of saber-toothed tigers, woolly mammoths, cave bears, and the Tickleoctopus. But don’t despair: the youngest boy has forsaken the tube for a pouch full of wiggly pink tentacles…could it be? Read and see.”

— Jody McCoy, Casady School, Oklahoma City

Related Books!

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