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School Library Journal

“An extravagant spin on the wish for sweet dreams. Ma and Pa Brindle cook up a secret recipe for a giant pie that causes many disruptions in the normal routine of Willobee Street.

The oven produces such extreme heat that everyone swelters, and a chocolate tornado knocks the paperboy off of his bike. By afternoon, the sugary aroma permeates the area and mouths begin to drool in anticipation. That evening, Pa Brindle strings festive lights and sets up tables and chairs in the yard. Ma Brindle cuts the first piece of pie, warning, “Be careful….One piece is all you need…or you’ll be sorry.” Her advice is ignored as the neighbors pig out and sleepily head for bed. Soon “wild dreams” pop out and come alive, galloping through Catthe neighborhood and “doing things they shouldn’t do.” Broom in hand, Ma Brindle restores peace to Willobee Street. Wood’s tongue-in-cheek telling will delight fans of Silly Sally (Harcourt, 1992). The colorful, cartoon illustrations are exaggerated enough to fit the story well. Teague depicts the neighbors in all shapes and sizes, and the expressions on the faces of the pets reveal the sheer zaniness of this tall tale. A good storytime choice.”

— Susan Garland, Maynard Public Library, MA

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