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Preschool-Grade 3. “Bullies tease Nona about her broken-down bicycle. After her parents refuse to buy her a shiny new Deluxe Red Racer, she decides that if she can lose or wreck her old bike, they will have to give in. This ‘wicked thought’ leads her to throw the bike in the dump, push it off a pier, and abandon it on railroad tracks. The first two times, neighbors rescue it, much to Nona’s dismay.

Then her parents surprise her with all the parts needed to refurbish her bike, and she races to the station herself. At the end, the ‘new’ bike looks just like the one of her dreams. The digital illustrations have the look of a videogame in places, especially some of the backgrounds. The ‘wicked thought’ a shape-shifting green blob, expands through the pages as Nona’s determination to do the wrong thing increases. The illustrations have a cartoon-like quality that will appeal to children, who will recognize Nona’s wish for something new. Her naughtiness is unmistakable but understandable. Her remorse when she thinks the train has flattened her bike is genuine. Strong visuals and a believable heroine make a winning combination.”

— Kathy Piehl, Mankato State University, MN

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