The Making of It’s Duffy Time!

Costume Time

For years I owned nothing but cats. But when my last kitty went to cat heaven, I was so sad that I decided to take a break from cats. However, I love animals so much, and I soon learned that I’ve grown accustomed to having a comforting, snuggly, quiet animal companion in my studio when I am Couchworking, or even stretched out in my cozy bed if I am writing. So I decided to get a dog. But what kind? There are so many breeds to chose from. After much research, I settled on a pug because I like the pug attitude. They are very cuddly, they are funny, they don’t mind dressing in costumes and they sleep a lot . . . a whole lot. I was inspired to write It’s Duffy Time because I am fascinated by their many naps, any time, any place.Best Friends You have to love pugs intensely to live with them. They snore. And finally, Duffy really does have a best friend. Here he is napping with her.

– Audrey Wood

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