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This is a relatively complex digitally mastered painting involving hundreds of altered photographs and hand-drawn images collaged together. The Poor Billionaire is completely hand-drawn. The girl is based on a photograph. In the photograph, the model is wearing white dancer’s tights. I repainted the rest of the photograph to change the look and the lighting. Then, I added the rest of her costume – her boots, her hair, her jesters’ bells and her stripes – by hand. The crocodile is also hand-painted, as are the marshmallows and the environment.The chairs and the flamingos are based on photographic images radically altered by hand-painting.

This piece is based on a real photograph of a potato. The pants, shoes, and face are, of course, drawn by hand on the computer “over” the photograph. The flamingos are based on photographs of real flamingos I took at the Santa Barbara Zoo, but they have been completely repainted by hand with all new textures, colors and even human-like expressions. All of the images (about 100) were collaged into a single layered file (about 60 megs) then the lighting and shading were hand painted using Painter software.

One of the incredible powers of digital art is the computers ability to allow the artist to focus on very small portions of his work.

This is how big the art was when I worked on it. When an artist is working in traditional media he must step back constantly to see his work in it’s entirety. Digital art is exactly the same. I had to click back to the full painting every few minutes to see the “big picture.’

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