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  • New York Times Certificate of excellence – 1984
  • Society of Children’s Book Writers Award – 1984
  • Young Reader Medal – 1987
  • Golden Kite Best Picture Illustration Award – 1984
  • Booklist Best Books of the Eighties
  • ALA Notable Children’s Book – 1984
  • IRA-CBC Children’s Choice
  • Booklist Children’s Editor’s Choice – 1984
  • USIA Exhibition to the Soviet Union
  • Southern California Council on Literature Significant Contribution in the field of illustration – 1984
  • Booklist Starred Review
  • California Young Reader’s Medal – 1987
  • Colorado Children’s Book Award – 1986
  • The Golden Sower Nebraska Children’s Book Award – 1986 & 1987



Booklist Starred Review
April 27, 1984

“This cumulative tale has the distinction of some wonderfully inventive artwork, giving a panache that many other books of the same type lack. Here, the story starts on a rainy, dreary day, just the sort of day that’s perfect for napping, which is in fact what the household is doing. On a cozy bed sleeps a night capped granny. A somnambulant child piles in the bed, and he’s followed by a dozing dog, a snoozing cat, and a slumbering mouse, who unfortunately is bitten by a wakeful flea, causing a chain of events that awakens the whole house to what is now a beautiful, sunny day.

Wood’s artwork, with it’s unusual, yet highly defined shapes, shadings, and perspectives, will hold as much appeal for adults as it does for children. Wood also does wonderful, almost imperceptible things with light; as the rain slowly ends and the sun begins to break through, the blue bedroom is transfigured until the last spread shows a glorious rainbowed day. An appealing, stylish book that is perfect for story hours. IC”

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