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Hello! My name is Cindy Edwards and I am the Librarian at Schroeders Elementary School in Huntington Beach, Ca. Last week I read Jubal’s Wish to the classes for our weekly book. They were “spellbound” to the point that you could have literally heard a pin drop. The teachers were just as caught as the students. I hope it’s nominated for the Caldecott Medal because it is beautiful!

I am the Texan who ordered a copy of Jubal’s Wish for my four month old son. I enjoyed sharing your books with my students when I taught, so much, that I wanted to share that love with my son Douglas. He Loved Jubal’s Wish. He was smacking the book at each page tying to touch the characters on the page. Thank you for giving him the gift of fine literature.

Jubal’s wish is a beautifully illustrated (as expected from Don Wood) story with a nice theme about doing for others. It also shows that sometimes when something negative happens that something good can come from it.

Cathy, from Lake Norman, NC

My two children LOVED it and read/requested it to be read four times in the 24 hours after I gave it to them. My kids are 3 1/2 and 5 1/2 and actually the 5 1/2 year old boy is the more enamored.

The Woods’ have done it again. Another first-rate picture book. This book has a delightful story as well as captivating pictures. This book reminds its readers that sometimes wishes do come true even though you may feel like you are at your lowest point. The pictures show a lot of emotions and help the reader empathize with the characters. This would be a welcome addition to anyone’s picture book collection.

Maribeth Dann -Hermann, MO

This book tells the story of a bullfrog named Jubal whose greatest wish is that his neighbors will be as happy as he is. His ability to notice the beauty in the surrounding world sets him apart from those around who are caught up in their own troubles. However, when a storm causes a flash-flood and almost sweeps Jubal away, those same neighbors come to his rescue and discover the importance of friends and family. Don Wood’s illustrations are full of brilliant color and interesting perspectives. Both the story and the illustrations work together to create a fun-to-read, sensory pleasure.

A reader from Chandler, AZ USA

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